The book called “Jevousregardez” was written by a Vietnamese author. The word “Jevousregardez” means “I am looking at you”, so I interlocked these two names in the cover.

Jevousregadez is written through every character’s thinking. It is a story between two girls – Yoong and Jessica. Their relationship are created from love, hate, lies and believe. Yoong wants to find the truth after her father’s death, and she found that this relates to Jessica’s father. 

Project Description

As you can see the cover, there is a girl who might be “looking at” somebody so that you just can get her back. And when we see the coverbook, we are “looking at her” from her back. This mostly can describe the name of the story. Also, this is deep implications that I would like to express when I drew this.

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