The goal of the New Media Production and Design (NMPD) showcase 2021 is to celebrate an interesting event for not only the students who are studying at SAIT but also people who are interested in the design industry. A series of projects in different creative fields will be presented in the showcase and introduced to the participants what NMPD is and how it impacts on today’s design industry. These projects will be held by SAIT’s second-year NMPD students. By this way, the event will help the participants visualize how much passion and effort the students put into each of their works. It is also a great chance not only to help students broaden their network with more professionals in the industry, but also to inspire the future students who decided to go in the same path. To exchange knowledge, gain experience would be the main purpose of this campaign.

Project Description

“Marketing Plan” project is a plan for NMPD Showcase 2021 creation. These are mockups of social media advertisements as examples for the plan of organize the NMPD showcase 2021. The poster is one of the materials in the “Marketing Plan” project in Visual Communications Class III.

You can read the whole plan here:

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