Matto Restaurant

Matto is a new and authentic Japanese restaurant in Calgary and opening in May, 2021 that seeks to combine Japanese culture and history into the art of modern sushi making techniques. It offers numerous delicious Japanese dishes, processed with fresh ingredients from our local farms and seafood markets. 

The owner would like a unique logo that can attract the customers at the first glance. The restaurant’s logo takes inspiration from a red-crowned crane, which is the symbol of luck in Japan, and the Japanese traditional round-shaped windows appearing on Japanese old architecture. 
The logo is designed using modern geometric patterns while creating a feeling of the Japanese vintage style, which follows the restaurant’s profile. The use of colors in brand logo is minimized to black/white and red, which describe the shadow of the red-crowned crane and the window.

Project Description

A brand identity project for Matto which is a Japanese restaurant.


Adobe Illustrator.